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Recreation Center (5F) is the place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Snooker room, mahjong rooms, table tennis room, tennis court and Gym (TEL: 3329988 - 6528).

Sauna Center (B1), 4000 square meters equipped with far infrared ray light wave bathroom, cold & heated bath room and indoor swimming pool(TEL: 3329988--6698), body building, health protection (TEL: 3329988--7912) and other facilities.

Swimming pool

Hotel guests in the hotel room card can enjoy two people/room free swimming, bring their own supplies. Swimming pool is 25 meters long, 17 meters wide, 1.62 meters deep, shallow 1.47 meters; Summer 24 ℃ - 26 ℃, winter 26 ℃ - 28 ℃.

Open hour:7:00-22:00

Fees: adult ticket 48 yuan/a person, children's ticket (1.2 meters) 30 yuan/a person.

By day room card can be free(1Card/2person)

Fitness center

By day room card can be free(1Card/2person)

Location:on the negative first floor

Open time: 7:00-22:00Charging standard:    

Adult ticket 48 yuan/a person, children's ticket (1.2 meters) 30 yuan/a person.

Golden years

Golden years dance theater is located in the hotel attached building three, four floor, the central hall high 12 meters, covers an area of 3000 square meters, has 500 square meters of ballroom dance pool and telescopic stage, with the world's top lighting audio equipment. The theatre subject compound structure, continental decorate a style, equipped with 33 room decoration is elegant, the different style KTV rooms, on both sides of the stage has 200 inches of ultra large the DLP projection screen, comprehensive build audio-visual, entertainment new feeling, is the area of the symbol of cultural entertainment.

Location:attached building four floor

Open time:19:30-02:00

Charging standard:980 yuan up + 15% surcharge


Cellule 30 yuan/hour (02:00 points later 60 yuan/hour); The big room 40 yuan/hour (02:00 points later 80 yuan/hour);

Location:5th floor

Open time:10:00-22:00

Charging standard:30 yuan/hour

Table tennis room


Open time:10:00-02:00

Charging standard:Pingpang ball 40yuan/hour,Table tennis 60yuan/hour

leisure clubs

Location:on basement 1            

Open time:12:00-4:00


Carrie's beauty chain in zhuhai ten years time, has developed have six large flagship store, it is respectively: Carrie VVIP's private club, to charm shop, chittagonhg department stores, maoye shop, former mountain shop, is the most powerful high-tech instrument beauty chain co., LTD. One.

Location:The first floor

Open time:09:30-22:00

Medical Massage Center

Is located in the hotel room 912, 9 / f, can provide medical massage, foot massage, acupuncture and moxibustion, scrapping and other services

Location:the Ninth Building

Open time:In 24 hours